Who Gets Fido? Determining Pet Custody In A Divorce

Sadly, the divorce rate is much higher today than it once was. In fact, some studies estimate that about fifty-percent of marriages today end in divorce. Regardless of the reason for separation, divorce can be a painful and arduous ordeal. But what happens if you share a pet and have to undergo a custody battle about who gets the family dog or cat? It might not be the first thing on your mind, but pet custody is often an area of contention in divorce. [Read More]

Learn How The Average Client Can Benefit From Using A General Practice Attorney

There are advantages to hiring a general practice attorney rather than a specialist. Many misunderstand and believe they always need a lawyer who specializes in a particular branch of law.  In reality, general practice lawyers are just as effective at most professional duties as their counterparts who claim an intricate knowledge of a subject area. The average person, who usually is not involved in some nuanced case, will probably be better off with a generalist. [Read More]

3 Types Of Wills To Consider When Planning Your Estate

With the recent passing of the rock star, Prince, you've been given a prime example of why you need to have a will. Unfortunately, it appears that Prince died intestate – or without a will – which means that the courts must now intervene and decide what will happen to his estate. That type of intervention isn't always what's best for the estate or the potential beneficiaries, who must now wait to see what the courts will decide and how the estate will be divided. [Read More]

Formal Or Informal Probate - Which One Will You Choose?

One of the few things in life that are guaranteed is that sooner or later you are going to die. When you do so, someone who is left behind will have to pass on your belongings. If you have a large estate, this process is normally referred to as probate, and whether it will be a formal or informal process will depend on how you have arranged things during your lifetime. [Read More]